1MDB is Malaysia’s biggest source of embarrassment. We were once called an Asian Tiger, but now, Malaysia is known worldwide as a kleptocracy.But it didn’t have to be this way.

As far back as 2010, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has been demanding that Parliament seek answers from the BN government on 1MDB.Had the government and 1MDB heeded our request to be more open to scrutiny, perhaps the company would not have taken out 42 billion ringgit in loans - much of it guaranteed by the government and which future generations of Malaysians will end up repaying.

Malaysia is facing a critical moment. The ringgit is in decline, and the prices of goods are getting higher. If Malaysians have to shoulder 1MDB's debt, there will be a greater burden on future generations and the poor.We have been at the fore on this issue, and have called time and again for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

We have committed our lives towards government accountability, but we will not succeed alone. You, and every Malaysian who loves this country, must be part of this fight.